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We import the highest quality hardwoods, softwoods and timber products for our customers, from all over the World. We handpick the best suppliers, based on quality, reliability and price.


Live Edge, Square Edge, Machined

For timber merchants, joinery workshops and construction companies.

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European and North American Species:

Oak, Ash, Alder, Maple, Sycamore, Beech, Pine, Larch, Walnut, Red Oal, Elm, Poplar, Birch, American Cherry, American Walnut.

Exotic Species from Asia and Africa:

Tulipwood, Acacia, Iroko, Lime, Samba, Azobe, Jatoba, Merbau, Sapele, Wenge, Meranti, Okume, Zebrawood.

Available in:

-> Square Edge, Waney Edge (Live Edge)
-> Rough Sawn or Planed All Round (PAR/PSE)
-> Kiln Dried, Air Dried or Fresh Sawn
-> Range of Thicknesses: 25mm-100mm


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For Building Projects

Source for specific construction projects, including:

Plywood, Decking including Thermo Treated, C16/C18/C24 Spruce Carcassing, C16/C18/C24 Douglas Fir, Engineered Timbers, Cladding Facades and Soffits, Plywood, OSB, Veneered Boards, Worktops, Edging, Laminates, MDF/HDF boards, Raw chipboard, HPL Compact Boards.

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Contact us for a bespoke quotation directly on:
+44 (0)1672 500 260



We can source and manufacture a range of dimensioned stock for manufacturers and joiners, such as flooring, window manufacturers and kitchen manufacturers.

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European and North American Species: Oak, Ash, Alder, Maple, Sycamore, Beech, Pine, Larch, Walnut, Red Oal, Elm, Poplar, Birch.

Exotic Species from Asia and Africa: Tulipwood, Acacia, Iroko, Lime, Samba, Azobe, Jatoba, Merbau, Sapele, Wenge, Meranti, Okume, Zebrawood.

Available in:

-> Square Edge, Planed All Round (PAR/PSE)
-> Rough Sawn or Machined
-> Kiln Dried
-> Any dimensions including engineered


Sourced to Specification

If it can be made, we can source it for you.

We can source and manufacture any timber products from flooring, timber components, moulding etc. to specific timber products, finished to specification.

Minimum Order Quantity

Dependent on complexity, value and setup costs.


Construction & Engineered Timber

We can source and manufacture a wide range of timber sizes and specifications for structural applications.

Minimum Order Quantity

Up to 13m lengths
Up to 180mm Width
Up to 140mm Thickness
C24 Structural Graded
Highly Stable

Precision-planed construction timber, meticulously kiln-dried to a moisture content of 15% and categorised based on its strength. KVH products, crafted from softwood, features smoothly rounded edges and can extend to lengths of up to 13 meters.

Throughout its manufacturing process, there is strict monitoring of both the moisture levels and the quality of each piece. For spans exceeding 5 meters, micro-joints are employed to unite the beams, achieving lengths up to 13 meters without compromising their structural integrity.

This product meets the C24 classification under the European standard EN1912, signifying not only its robustness but also its remarkable dimensional stability. KVH® stands out for its minimal risk of warping and slight propensity for micro-cracking, offering a variety of cross-sectional sizes and thicknesses.

We offer two variants of KVH®, each tailored to different aesthetic requirements:
Si, designed for exposed architectural features, showcases fewer knots.
NSi, intended for concealed applications, features a higher knot count.

KVH Duo/Trio® 
Up to 13m lengths
Up to 240mm Width
Up to 240mm Thickness
C24 Structural Graded
Highly Stable

We offer enhanced structural timber featuring a larger cross-section, achieved by vertically bonding two (Duobalken®) or three (Triobalken®) layers of dried solid wood using clear melamine resin.

This innovative process produces beams that surpass traditional solid wood in every aspect.

KVH® Duo/Trio beams exhibit superior dimensional stability compared to conventional solid wood. The construction involves vertically bonding the elements with clear melamine resin, reinforcing them with micro-joints, and then smoothing the combined structure through planing.

The robust bonding technique, coupled with exceptionally low moisture content in the wood, significantly reduces the beams’ vulnerability to cracking and warping. Additionally, these enhanced beams are designed for use without the need for chemical preservatives, maintaining their natural integrity.

Length: up to 55 meters,
Height: up to 2.25 meters,
Width: up to 30 cm.

BSH represents a premium material offering enhanced dimensional and load-bearing capabilities, along with potential decorative uses. It consists of a minimum of three parallel-glued, dried boards or lamellae made from coniferous wood, making it ideal for load-bearing structures across wide spans and significant loads.

This glued timber boasts an exceptionally high load-bearing capacity while maintaining a relatively low weight. It does not swell or deform, showcasing higher resistance to moisture and adverse weather conditions. BSH is particularly effective as a construction material in chemically aggressive environments.

With class 1 or 2 impregnation, the timber is safeguarded against potential insect and fungal attacks, rendering it suitable for the most challenging projects, including swimming halls, sports centers, car showrooms, and production facilities.

Advantages of BSH Wood:
High durability (GL24h).
Dimensional stability.
Precise dimensional accuracy in cross-section and length.

BSH Production – Tailored to Customer Specifications:Upon request, the supplier can provide:
Custom-made elements in the desired strength class: GL 24h, GL 28c, GL 32c, cut to the specified length,
Elements featuring unique cross-sections or intermediate dimensions, with rounding to 4 cm for height and 2 cm for width.


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+44 (0)1672 500 260


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Timber Lot: Your Reliable Timber Importers & Wholesalers

Timber Lot is a National UK timber importer and distributor, offering competitive wholesale timber imports for trade customers and individuals, timber merchants, the construction and woodworking industries, serving the range of timber product manufacturers, cabinet makers, furniture makers, joinery workshops, contractors, and carpenters.

We Import Timber to Order. 

Our team operates from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and North America with a distribution warehouse near Bedwyn, Wiltshire. Browse our products to purchase timber online at bulk prices with low order minimums. 

For hardwood timber, softwood timber, planed timber, bulk lumber, sawn timber.

Over Two Decades of Excellence

With 25 years in the wood industry, our legacy combines quality, tradition, and innovation. Choose us for unparalleled value.

BULK HARDWOOD at Competitive Timber Prices ⚠️

Offering hardwood and joinery timber, and construction timber, we guarantee timber mill prices at low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs).

Benefits of Working with Timber Lot:

  • Diversity: From oak to mahogany, softwood to hardwood, our vast collection caters to all requirements.
  • Quality Assurance: Every piece is quality-checked, ensuring strength and durability.
  • Sustainable Sourcing: With sourcing of FSC & PEFC origin products.
  • Expertise: Our 25 years of experience guarantee knowledgeable guidance for your projects.
  • Competitive Pricing: Benefit from top-grade timber without compromising on budget.

Discover the World through Our Diverse Timber Collection

At Timber Lot, we pride ourselves in offering an unparalleled selection of timber sourced from the farthest reaches of the globe.

Choosing Timber Lot means you’re opting for quality and choice, delivered at an economical price. Whether you’re crafting bespoke furniture, constructing a resilient building, or undertaking a niche woodworking project, we have the timber to bring your project to life.

We import a range of hardwoods and softwoods from all over the world, including: Tulip Tree/Yellow Poplar, American Pine/Caroline Pine, American Walnut, American Maple, American Cherry, European Walnut, Zebrawood, Wenge, Teak, Sipo, Sapele, Merbau, Iroko, Jatoba, Eucalyptus, Azobé, Samba, Okoume, Meranti, Maple, Acacia, Cherry, Sycamore, Rustic Oak, Spruce, Red Oak, Pine, Larch, Fir, Elm, Birch, Beech, Alder, Ash, European Oak, and Lime Tree.

Assured Quality Delivered

Rely on us for the best quality timber, delivered reliably to your doorstep.

Diverse Timber Options

Discover our Planed All Round timber, waney edge, and square edge selections. Inquire about lumber prices, joinery timber, cabinetry grade, or explore our shop.


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